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    1. Artificial Intelligence Market by Technology, Offering, End-User Industry, and Geography - Global Forecast to 2022

      39 PM EST Artificial Intelligence Market by Technology, Offering, End-User Industry, and Geography - Global Forecast to 2022 LONDON According to the new market research report on artificial intelligence, this market is expected to be worth USD 16.06 billion by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 62.9% from 2016 to 2022.

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    2. Iteratively learning coreference embeddings of noun phrases using feature representations that include distributed word representations of the noun phrases

      Methods and apparatus related to determining coreference resolution using distributed word representations. Distributed word representations, indicative of syntactic and semantic features, may be identified for one or more noun phrases. For each of the one or more noun phrases, a referring feature representation and an antecedent feature representation may be determined, where the referring feature representation includes the distributed word representation, and the antecedent feature representation includes the distributed word representation augmented by one or more antecedent features. In some implementations the referring feature representation may be augmented by one or more referring features. Coreference embeddings of the referring and ...

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    3. Using content structure to socially connect users

      The structure of a digital content item is used to socially connect users consuming the digital content item. The structured representation of the digital content item is determined. This structured representation is analyzed to identify key events within the digital content item. A user's current location within the digital content item is identified. Social communications of the user are filtered responsive to the user's current location and the identified key events within the digital content item. In this way, the user may peruse social media without inadvertently reading communications that give away (e.g., spoil) key events such ...

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    4. Linguistic based determination of text location origin

      A method includes receiving a text and identifying a set of linguistic characteristics contained in the text, where linguistic characteristics include grammatical, syntactic, and idiomatic features of the text. The method also includes determining a plurality of locations of origin in which the text was potentially written based on the set of linguistic characteristics. The method also includes retrieving a set of reference documents for each location of origin in the plurality of locations of origin and producing a set of proximity scores by performing a set of proximity checks using the set of linguistic characteristics, the set of reference ...

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    5. System and method for customized sentiment signal generation through machine learning based streaming text analytics

      Systems and methods may provide customized integrated indexes and visualization. Sentiment analytics may be based on natural language processing techniques. Users may select from among a range of indexes that reflect a variety of sources. Text scoring metrics or indices may incorporate frequency of mention, link to broker action, sentence location of first mention, etc. Depending on the temporal and sentiment characteristics of interest, the user may select from a range of news sources, research reports, analysts, social media sources, and may assign a customized weight value to each source. The scores may then be merged. After scoring, the user ...

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    6. Question answer system using physical distance data

      A question relating to an individual is received and context from the question is extracted. Subject matter criteria can be identified from the context of the question. A database containing history data that includes recorded positional data for physical objects relative to the location of the individual at the time of recording can be accessed and relevant physical objects from the history data can be identified based upon the subject matter criteria. A set of answers can be generated for the question from a corpus of data and ranked based upon the identified physical objects and physical distance between the ...

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    7. Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program for information processing apparatus and recording medium

      The present invention includes: acquiring plural web pages of an identical category into which targets stated in the web pages are classified (S1); acquiring an attribute-related term related to an attribute of the targets stated in the web pages or an attribute description pattern used to describe the attribute of the targets as initial data (S2); extracting the attribute-related term of the attribute matching the attribute description pattern from the plural web pages (S3); and extracting an attribute description pattern matching the attribute-related term from plural web pages (S4).

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    8. Automatic classification of segmented portions of web pages

      Exemplary methods and apparatuses are provided which may be used for classifying and indexing segmented portions of web pages and providing related information for use in information extraction and/or information retrieval systems. In an embodiment, an index of segmented portions may be used by a search engine to respond to a search query. In an embodiment, one or more machine learned models may be used to identify one or more feature properties of a plurality of segmented portions within one or more files, or otherwise inferable from the one or more files. In an embodiment, one or more machine ...

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    9. Part-of-speech tagging for ranking search results

      Systems, methods, and computer-readable storage media are provided for utilizing part-of-speech (POS) tagging of both the words included in a search query and the words included in potential search result documents to improve query alteration accuracy and search result ranking. Upon receiving a search query, POS tags are assigned to the words comprising the query to create query word-tag pairs. The query word-tag pairs are utilized to reformulate the query and are compared with document word-tag pairs included in a plurality of potential search result documents to determine a degree of similarity. The degree of similarity is utilized as an ...

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    10. Method and system for modelling turbulent flows in an advection-diffusion process

      A computer-implemented method includes calculating, by a processor of a computer system, a value for a turbulent flow parameter in a simulated model comprising an initial turbulent flow scheme for an advection-diffusion process; determining, by the processor of the computer system, that the value for the turbulent flow parameter has exceeded a predetermined threshold; conducting, by the processor of the computer system, a search to identify search results for other turbulent flow schemes which match the value of the turbulent flow parameter; determining, by the processor of the computer system, a quantified level of information confidence for the search results ...

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    11. Event visualization based on unstructured data

      A method, apparatus and computer readable medium for visualizing an event from unstructured data is described, including generating a plurality of structured data units from a plurality of unstructured data, each structured data unit having a time value, an identity value, a location value and a behavior value; and generating a data structure comprising a sequence of the structured data units.

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    12. Method and system of longitudinal detection of dementia through lexical and syntactic changes in writing

      The present invention is a method and system for detecting linguistic markers as signs and indicators of mental illness, even prior to onset of symptoms of the mental illness. The linguistic markers may be detected in diachronic analysis of writing or speech samples. In particular, the present invention may identify lexical and syntactic changes in language due to mental illness. To recognize such changes the present invention may utilize complete, fully parsed texts or speech representing a number of measures. The identification of markers may provide a means of detecting mental illness early on based on a person's use ...

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    13. Notification and privacy management of online photos and videos

      Systems and methods for notification and privacy management of online photos and videos are herein disclosed. According to one embodiment, a computer-implemented method includes detecting a first feature from a first image belonging to an image source. The first image includes a tag. The computer-implemented method further includes determining a first feature location of the first feature, determining a first tag location of the tag, extracting a first feature signature from the first feature based on a relationship between the first feature location and the first tag location, detecting a second feature from a second image belonging to the image ...

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    1. We have launched products and services like ODIN Wave, a cutting-edge mobile trading platform, ODIN VAS is our value-added service offering; ODIN eKYC that allows instant account opening and client registration and ODIN Joytrader which is a new way of trading that brings gamification and speed together.
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    2. People today expect instant, seamless customer service. Autodesk recognizes that each touchpoint with a customer is an opportunity to meet that expectation and, with Otto and Watson, they're able to deliver a top notch end user experience while also improving their operations.
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