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    1. Debugging machine learning

      Debugging machine learning

      I've been thinking, mostly in the context of teaching, about how to specifically teach debugging of machine learning. Personally I find it very helpful to break things down in terms of the usual error terms: Bayes error (how much error is there in the best possible classifier), approximation error (how much do you pay for restricting to some hypothesis class), estimation error (how much do you pay because you only have finite samples), optimization error (how much do you pay because you didn't find a global optimum to your optimization problem). I've generally found that trying to ...

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      Mentions: Bayes
    2. Annotations for electronic content

      Embodiments are described for capturing, displaying, and navigating annotations in an electronic document. In some embodiments, a selection of an object in the electronic document is received, and an annotation associated with the selected object is received. The annotation is maintained in a list of annotations. The annotation can also be displayed. In some embodiments, a selection of the annotation is received and in response to the selection of the annotation being received, a user may be navigated to a location of the selected object in the electronic document.

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    3. System and method for inputting text into electronic devices

      Systems comprising a user interface configured to receive text input by a user and a text prediction engine configured to receive the input text and generate text predictions. The text prediction engine may comprise a general language model and a context-specific language model. The text prediction engine is configured to generate text predictions from the general language model and the context-specific language model and combine the text predictions. The text prediction engine may comprise first and second language models and a first context-specific weighting factor associated with the first language model. The text prediction engine is configured to generate text ...

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    4. Associating one or more terms in a message trail with a task entry

      Methods and apparatus related to determining an association between a message trail and a task entry of a user and associating an n-gram with the task entry, wherein the n-gram is based on one or more messages of the message trail. A similarity score between the n-gram and one or more aspects of the associated task entry may be determined. The similarity score may be utilized, for example, to determine when to associate the n-gram with the task entry and/or how to utilize the associated n-gram with the task entry.

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    5. Method for extracting semantic distance from mathematical sentences and classifying mathematical sentences by semantic distance, device therefor, and computer readable recording medium

      A method of extracting the semantic distance from the mathematical sentence and classifying the mathematical sentence by the semantic distance, includes: receiving a user query; extracting at least one keyword included in the received user query; and extracting a semantic distance by, indexing one or more of natural language tokens and mathematical equation tokens including semantic information, extracting the semantic distance, between the at least one extracted keyword and the one or more indexed semantic information by referring indexed information, and acquiring a similarity of the received user query and the semantic information.

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    6. Conforming data structure instances to schema versions

      In a method for managing versions of a schema, a processor receives a first version of a schema. A processor generates an annotated version of the first version of the schema, wherein one or more fields of the annotated version of the first version of the schema each correspond to a distinct identifier. A processor receives a first instance conforming to the first version of the schema. A processor identifies one or more values of the first instance, wherein each value of the one or more values corresponds to a field of the one or more fields. A processor assigns ...

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    7. Information management systems and methods

      Management of information includes analyzing an inquiry with a language processor, and generating a keyword associated with the inquiry based on the analysis. Further, it may be determined whether an inquiry with the generated keyword previously has been received and stored in a memory and, when it is determined that such an inquiry previously has been received, the inquiry is retrieved from the memory. A recipient of the inquiry is assigned based on an inputted recipient or the keyword, and a recipient of an answer to the inquiry is designated. The inquiry is transmitted to the assigned recipient of the ...

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    8. Providing crowdsourced answers to information needs presented by search engine and social networking application users

      Technologies pertaining to generating crowd-sourced answers are described herein. A text string is received, and the text string is parsed to determine if the text string represents an information need that is desirably answered by a collective of crowd workers. When it is determined that the information need is desirably answered by the collective of crowd workers, a query or question that represents the information need is provided to a first plurality of crowd workers, who generate proposed answers for the information need. The proposed answers are provided to a second plurality of crowd workers, who vote on the proposed ...

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    9. Pure convolutional neural network localization

      An approach is provided in which a knowledge manager processes an image using a convolutional neural network. The knowledge manager generates a pixel-level heat map of the image that includes multiple decision points corresponding to multiple pixels of the image. The knowledge manager analyzes the pixel-level heat map and detects sets of decision points that correspond to target objects. In turn, the knowledge manager marks regions of the heat map corresponding to the detected sets of per-pixel decision points, each of the regions indicating a location of the target objects.

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    10. Extracting facts from unstructured text

      A system and method for extracting facts from unstructured text files are disclosed. Embodiments of the disclosed system and method may receive a text file as input and perform extraction and disambiguation of entities, as well as extract topics and facts. The facts are extracted by comparing against a fact template store and associating facts with events or topics. The extracted facts are stored in a data store.

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    11. Machine training and search engine for providing specialized cognitive healthcare apparatus

      Training a machine to provide specialized health care apparatus may include receiving text describing a user's health condition via a user interface. Text may be converted into corresponding medical terms. A database may be searched for a list of health care providers treating health conditions associated with the medical terms. A machine learning model may be built that may include user preference for a predefined set of features associated with the user's health condition and health care provider preference for the predefined set of features in treating the user's health condition. The machine learning model may predict ...

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    12. Methods and systems of creating a payment record with a cryptographically secure audit trail

      A method of creating a secure audit trail for transactions may include, by a host electronic device, for each of a plurality of transactions, receiving, from a client electronic device, a transaction details document that summarizes the transaction, generating a document hash by performing a first cryptographic hash function on the received transaction details document, and identifying metadata associated with the transaction. The method may include generating an entry hash associated with the plurality of transactions by performing a second cryptographic hash function on at least the document hash of each transaction in the plurality of transactions and the metadata ...

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    13. System for group supervision

      A system includes one or more computer systems configured to receive a plurality of information streams from a corresponding plurality of client systems that have a defined geographic position, analyze the information feeds, generate messages based on the analysis of the information feeds, generate positional information associated with the messages, and generate a set of informational depictions of the generated messages, with the informational depictions of the messages when rendered on a display device are rendered in juxtaposition with representations of the client systems according to the generated positional information.

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    14. Systems and methods for managing user reputations in social networking systems

      To determine and quantify the reputations of users within a social network. In an embodiment, a social networking system determines at least one category associated with a first account of a social networking system. The social networking system determines a first reputation score for the first account in the at least one category. The category may represent subject matter in which a user of the first account has an interest. The first reputation score may be based on content posted by the first account. The first reputation score may be adjusted based on an activity and the scores of others.

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    1. We are delighted to achieve the ISO 17100 quality certification because it focuses specifically on processes and management of resources within the language service industry.
      By Paul McManus
    2. International Standard ISO 17100:2015 is a really tough certification and by gaining this, Welocalize has demonstrated our ability to produced quality translated output.
      By Liz Thomas
    3. The emergence of the Machine-Learning-as-a-Service (MLaaS) model is good news for the market, as it cuts down the complexity and time required to implement machine learning and thus opens the doors to an increase in its adoption level, especially in the small-to-medium business sector.
      By Eugenio Pasqua
    4. Solutions built on machine learning automate the IoT data modeling process, removing the labor-intensive and circuitous activities of model selection, coding, and validation.
      By Ryan Martin
    5. Lexalytics helped us sift through thousands of comments from medical professionals, enabling us to glean valuable insights.
      By Ryan Arnold
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