1. Language problems hold up Asians on net

    By Frederick Noronha, Penang (Malaysia), June 25 : Asians were the most numerous internet users worldwide as of 2001. Yet, access to the net and computing are still largely restricted to those with knowledge of the English language.
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    1. The initial part was mostly enabling the very basics. Which means, operating system, developing the keyboards and fonts. For most of these language, even at the national level, it was (earlier) impossible to do word pressing or simple emailing (in the smaller languages).
    2. Residents of rural areas in developing Asian countries are particularly limited by their lack of understanding of English. Efforts to provide Internet infrastructure and training must be complemented by efforts to provide content in languages these users understand.
    3. I know of an Open Office Urdu localised release and Firefox localisation done for Urdu in India. We've used them too.
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