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    1. I'd say that for web 3.0 to be meaningful, we'll need to see a serious discontinuity from the previous generation of technology.
    2. My prediction would be that web 3.0 will ultimately be seen as applications that are pieced together.
    3. This next generation - web 3.0 - is actually based on enriching the meaning, enriching the structure.
    4. I would like to make a computer that will be proud of me.
    5. I don't believe that we will see arising out of the current internet a conscious artificial intelligence, but we will probably see the system become easier to interact with; for example, voice interaction is becoming increasingly easy to accomplish.
    6. While most brands and agencies are still coming to terms with web 2.0, I think the internet is going through another great evolution in the background.
    7. The model is like flipping through a magazine or a newspaper, where you're not specifically looking for something.
    8. Some outstanding work is being done in the US by companies such as Schematic that is redefining the way we'll interact with the internet.
    9. Applications such as Hyperwords enable Firefox users to select any word on any web page and take some logical action with it, thus making the whole internet connected with one click.
    10. Web 3.0 as a phrase is a bit insulting, really, because all it is actually saying is that the internet is growing up.
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