1. A-Life Medical, Inc. to Exhibit at RSNA 2009

    A-Life Medical, Inc. to Exhibit at RSNA 2009
    Earthtimes (press release)A-Life Medical, Inc. to Exhibit at RSNA 2009Earthtimes (press release)Additionally, visitors can see how traceability is incorporated through A-Life's proprietary and patented natural language processing (NLP) technology, ...and more »
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    1. We pioneered computer-assisted coding, introducing the market's first radiology-based CAC solution back in 2000. Since that time, we have built a strong leadership position in working with radiologists and imaging entities to improve their coding practices. Over the years, we have established a proven track record within the radiology sector and have worked closely with thousands of radiologists to reap significant cost-savings and achieve efficiencies in their billing practices and coding efforts. At RSNA, we will share these results and benefits by demonstrating to the marketplace how A-Life's NLP technology distinguishes us among radiology practices and throughout the industry.
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