1. The new smarter web

    The new smarter webIrish Times... with cheaper broadband; [ computers are] very strong, there's a lot of AI [ artificial intelligence] and natural language processing that has been ...
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    1. The semantic web is going to build an ontology - a taxonomy with rules. Once there's that structure, then a machine can start doing things.
    2. The technology hasn't changed a lot from http and html but the user has gone from publish and push, to participation, and there's the whole phenomenon of open source, software as a service [ service-oriented architecture or SOA], crowd sourcing, etc. We've done all this wonderful stuff but under the hood it's still really ugly.
    3. The different approaches over time will overlap and converge. As Tim Berners-Lee says, we won't notice the change when it happens, but we won't be able to imagine going back. It's going to put structure where there's no structure. The balancing act is not to make it so rigid that we lose all of the web's flexibility.
    4. The nuances which might be built into the document - say an encyclopedia entry - would be lost by a machine.
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