1. Smart phones may one day be translators

    Smart phones may one day be translators
    Smart phones may one day be translatorsSan Francisco ChronicleOch and Google are building off advancements in machine translation, which dates to the 1950s, when computer scientists tried to apply computer muscle to ...
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    1. It's like magic - all of a sudden there are things that you can do that it never even occurred to you would be possible.
    2. If you look at improvements on machine translations, speech recognition and optical character recognition, I'm very optimistic in the near term future those will work well enough that people will find them useful on a mobile phone but not limited to a phone.
    3. In speech recognition, you had long sequences of scientific discoveries that gradually improved the performance and that same process has started to take shape in machine translation. But the only difference in the 2000s is it's happening much faster.
    4. It's not like physics where there's one big equation that will change the world - it's a gradual engineering process.
    5. We still needed to work on the core quality of speech recognition and translation.
    6. I would be the first user myself and I think many people who travel would find it very useful.
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