1. Anita Borg Institute Honors Three Top Women in Technology at Women of Vision Awards Banquet with Keynote Speaker ...

    PALO ALTO, Calif.----The Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology hosted its fifth annual Women of Vision Awards banquet on May 12th to honor three leaders in technology. The evening highlighted the winners accomplishments and contributions in three areas: Innovation, Leadership and Social Impact.
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    1. What stops women is the fear of failure yet, the most successful men and women's lives involve failures.
    2. I could not refuse the opportunity to apply my engineering skills in service to others.
    3. Change is a challenge – together we can make a big difference. I am optimistic because we, as a nation, have always risen to the challenge and provided global leadership in the darkest of times.
    4. I want them to see through my example that it is possible to be a woman and succeed in academics.
    5. It's not just about developing the greatest technology. It's about getting the right technology into the right hands with the right training. That's the best guarantee that you can make a difference. But when you're truly passionate about something and really care, wonderful things can be accomplished.
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