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    1. We are looking to augment human capability.
    2. We have companies in every space: drug discovery, flexible circuits, new medical devices, solar, clean tech.
    3. The popular news sites aren't always the most interesting.
    4. The old paradigm of having a desktop computer in front of you with a large screen to search around for what you want is going away.
    5. It's a very compelling offer for a mobile company.
    6. The acquisition that Apple has made provides powerful clues as to what the mobile landscape will look like in the future.
    7. That was hitting it out of the ballpark, in my opinion.
    8. Siri is the first and in some cases, the simplest, of what we'll do.
    9. Virtually every industry and platform has a need for translation services.
    10. We'll only be able to tell in 20 years.
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