1. Msp Ehr Planning Portal Empowers Regional Extension Centers (RECs) to Help Medical Practices Compare EHRs and Become ...

    LINCROFT, N.J.----Medical Strategic Planning announces enhancements to the widely-used EHR Selector , which empowers Regional Extension Centers to quickly qualify EHR products and individually track thousands of practices deploying critically-vetted electronic health record solutions.
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    1. My experience providing tools that simplify EHR adoption, my years as a practicing physician and an EHR consultant, have helped to make the EHR Selectorâ„¢ a superior tool for physicians and RECs.
    2. These latest enhancements to the MSP EHR Selectorâ„¢ are based on inputs from PacEHR and four Texas RECs, who suggested how to hone it to streamline their operations.
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