1. Translators in Textual Entailment

    This paper presents how the size of Textual Entailment Corpus could be increased by using Translators to generate additional 〈t, h〉 pairs. Also, we show the theoretical upper bound of a Corpus expanded by translators. Then, we propose an algorithm to expand the corpus size using Translator engines starting from a RTE Corpus, and finally we show the benefits that it could produce on RTE systems. Content Type Book ChapterDOI 10.1007/978-3-642-14883-5_25Authors Julio Javier Castillo, National University of Cordoba-FaMAF, Cordoba, Argentina Book Series Advances in Soft ComputingOnline ISSN 1860-0794Print ISSN 1615-3871 Book Series Volume Volume 79/2010 Book ...
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