1. OpenText Licensing Agreement Brings Advanced Content Analytics to Market

    OpenText Licensing Agreement Brings Advanced Content Analytics to MarketPR Newswire (press release)... of answers to those important business questions through the use of semantic technologies such as natural language processing and sentiment analysis. ...and more »
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    1. OpenText is pleased to collaborate with the National Research Council of Canada to commercialize leading-edge technology that fundamentally brings more powerful content analytics capabilities to the enterprise.
    2. Content analytics is the key to extracting business value from social media and text-rich online and enterprise information sources, an essential technology for marketing, online commerce, customer service, and improved search and Web experience. Given the mind-boggling growth in information volumes, no wonder uptake is booming, powered by rapid technical advances from leading-edge vendors such as OpenText.
    3. Analysis of information, which can be described as a mixture of social and enterprise content managed in silos, is critical in order to provide valuable, actionable business insight.
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