1. “Nobel Prize” in Computing Presented to Leslie Valiant

    Scientific Computing“Nobel Prize” in Computing Presented to Leslie ValiantScientific Computing... brought together machine learning and computational complexity, leading to advances in artificial intelligence, as well as computing practices, such as natural language processing, handwriting recognition and computer vision. ...and more »
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    1. Leslie Valiant's accomplishments over the last 30 years have provided the theoretical basis for progress in artificial intelligence and led to extraordinary achievements in machine learning.
    2. His profound insights in computer science, mathematics and cognitive theory have been combined with other techniques to build modern forms of machine learning and communication, like IBM's Watson computing system, that have enabled computing systems to rival a human's ability to answer questions.
    3. Professor Valiant's research in the theory of computation has revolutionized machine learning and artificial intelligence, making machines almost think.
    4. His approach invites comparison with Turing himself — a novel formulation starting from a deep fundamental insight, and Intel is pleased to support this award.
    5. Google joins in recognizing Leslie Valiant for his profound impact on the computer science research landscape.
    6. Les Valiant is known by researchers the world over for his revolutionary contributions to theoretical computer science.
    7. From the first inklings of artificial intelligence, to the early days of the ARPANET, to the personal computer revolution and social networking, Harvard students, faculty and alumni have been a driving force behind innovations in computer science.
    8. Les Valiant stands out for having essentially initiated multiple research areas within computer science.
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