1. Cairo 2007, Marseille 2010 & Beirut 2011: Journey to Success

    Cairo 2007, Marseille 2010 & Beirut 2011: Journey to SuccessZawyaalKhawarizmy Software is an Egyptian Company working in the Arabic Natural Language Processing (NLP) field. Despite the complex nature of the Arabic language and its unique structure, alKhawarizmy takes the challenge to provide the Arabic user with ...and more »
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    1. Faith, work, good planning and persistence - these words are our Key Success Factors. Definitely, it is not that easy to happen - but it is a pleasure to achieve through a team work spirit
    2. While accomplishing the first round of the MIT Business Plan Competition, we are working on being selected to the final round
    3. Where there is a will... there is a way
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