1. A glimpse inside Google's Beijing headquarters

    A glimpse inside Google's Beijing headquartersDaily Review Online"Google has many stars," he said, pointing to such computer science giants and Google employees as Franz Josef Och, renowned machine translation researcher, and Peter Norvig, the company's director of research and an expert on artificial intelligence, ...and more »
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    1. The depth of the local talent is amazing.
    2. You are not just in China working on China-specific products.
    3. We just needed to avoid all the distractions and focus on making the best products in the world.
    4. Even if some of the other companies are strong enough to do some of this, they are not up to Google's standards.
    5. Google provides opportunities, such as work on voice search, that I could never have imagined.
    6. Engineers have roughly the same access anywhere
    7. There are some constraints just like any other company. But with this company, we have much more freedom than most other companies, even global companies, here in China. We have more freedom to do the things we need to do.
    8. In general, people still think of Google as the No. 1 employer.
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