1. Translation services make World Wide Web more worldwide

    Translation services make World Wide Web more worldwide
    Yonhap NewsTranslation services make World Wide Web more worldwideYonhap NewsAnd machine translation isn't reliable with colloquial language and nuanced phrases. One solution to these issues may be social translation, writes Zuckerman. Social translation is also termed "collaborative translation," "crowdsourced translation" or ...
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    1. These translators don't do it for the money.
    2. We all want to inspire others, but that's difficult to do. Through TED we can do it, albeit indirectly.
    3. The timing is right for social media to take advantage of these advances in technology and communication.
    4. People want to share what's important to them, and now with the available technological tools, people can do that across boundaries of language and culture.
    5. We don't think social translation is simply about volunteerism or unpaid work, but we recognize that people all have different needs and motivations.
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