1. Sprylogics International Announces New Management Team

    Sprylogics International Announces New Management TeamCanada NewsWire (press release)His search portfolio included the universal search application, APIs, vertical search framework, and initiatives related to semantic technology and Natural Language Processing. In his role managing search, he helped drive strategic partnerships and ...and more »
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    1. I am very excited to lead this new Sprylogics team. In today's fast paced world, there is a need to get to results quickly and efficiently. Sprylogics' leading edge semantic technology presents us with the opportunity to create unique and disruptive products that address these needs.
    2. Sprylogics has developed an amazing technology foundation in semantic search, sentiment analysis and information retrieval and display. I am thrilled to join the team and help them point this technology at real-world consumer problems.
    3. I am really excited to join the talented team at Sprylogics and be the first member of our San Francisco office; I look forward to building our presence in the Silicon Valley.
    4. We are delighted to have these two key executives join our team. They both bring a highly strategic and unique expertise that will provide the Company with a world-class knowledge base and an extensive network to drive our initiatives forward.
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