1. Banks Deploy Artificial Intelligence to Deepen Understanding of Customers

    The science incorporates natural language processing, which examines sentences and paragraphs, mimicking the way a researcher might speak to a member of a focus group. It uses filters similar to, but more sophisticated than, programs that spot spam emails.
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    1. We look at our own [bank]. We look at our major competitors.
    2. If I have 100 tweets, and 50 of them are positive and 50 of them are negative, what is the difference?
    3. The question is not if people are tweeting positively or negatively, but can we discover automatically the nature of the underlying topic that is under discussion.
    4. Monitoring is just how you've been mentioned and how many times. … Sentiment analysis is going to go beyond that.
    5. What's new is we used to look at our enterprise data, now we look at the enterprise data, the stream data and the social data, and all the banks are going to look at all three.
    6. The interesting thing about CitiVelocity is it brings attention to the names and the companies that are being discussed.
    7. You look at consumer confidence intervals. You look at the overall mood. And we wanted to make sure that we really understood that, and not just from the American Express point of view, but what is on the minds of our customers.
    8. When you look at a series of the programs that we have released, like Link, Like, Love; Serve and Go Social, we are now taking this information, and not only looking to take the pulse, but being proactive.
    9. How we track and analyze sentiment is still evolving and to some degree a competitive advantage that we don't necessarily want to make public.
    10. To get the most out of social listening tools, I personally believe the best sentiment analysis requires human review on every post.
    11. The devil is in the details, every specific problem has different properties, so I don't think we are going to find a generic solution.
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