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    1. A NASSCOM study reveals that 90 percent of Indian Fortune 500 companies are likely to have big data initiatives underway by the end of the year. However, we believe that big data implementations have just begun rolling out globally, with Indian firms in the consideration phase.
    2. For decades, companies have been making business decisions based on transactional data stored in relational databases. Beyond that critical data is a potential treasure trove of non-traditional, less/multi-structured data like Weblogs, social media, email, sensors, device logs and images that can be mined for useful information using big data.
    3. It's mostly about the business problem which you are trying to solve. Even a data size of 2 TB which cannot be mapped and fitted into a traditional RDBMS may fall into the realms of a problem that can be addressed by big data.
    4. Some of the top-tier partners have been enabled to identify opportunities, and we are game to start PoCs with channel partners.
    5. You will see a much wider sector-specific analytics business taking off toward the end of next year with a huge channel play.
    6. Apart from our analytics portfolio, Cognos, we have recently announced the newest member of the PureSystems family, PureData System for Analytics, a simple data appliance for serious analytics.
    7. It requires immense domain expertise, data science skill-sets, and above all the patience to deliver projects over a period of 6-12 months.
    8. The telecom industry has generated petabytes of information, and there's huge scope to mine this information and come up with answers to questions that were previously impossible to answer. Retail, especially e-commerce companies, will be offloading projects to collate visit reports, log reports and purchase data for big data projects.
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