1. Software Morphs Rapper Prodigy Into Global Cipher

    Software Morphs Rapper Prodigy Into Global Cipher
    Wired News - Platinum-selling artist Prodigy's album hits stores in March, and could be translated into as many as 1,400 different languages. Photo: Michael Scott Jones When Prodigy's next album drops, it could debut in nearly 1,500 different languages without ...
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    1. The prospect of having fans understand what I'm saying and repeat it in their language (drew me to) the company.
    2. Hip-hop is a big genre internationally, but you have people around the world saying the words and not understanding them.
    3. A 10-minute sample is all we need to imprint his voice in Spanish, Italian or any language.
    4. Processors are getting faster and scientists are inventing better algorithms.
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