1. Man Behind the ‘Google Brain’ Joins Chinese Search Giant Baidu

    Man Behind the ‘Google Brain’ Joins Chinese Search Giant Baidu

    Andrew Ng is the man who helped launch Google’s wildly ambitious effort to recreate the human brain with computer hardware and software. And now, he will oversee a similar project at Baidu, often called “the Google of China.” Last year, in Cupertino, California, not far from Apple headquarters, Baidu quietly opened a research outpost dedicated to […]

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    1. Andrew is one of the intellectual leaders in machine learning, and deep learning in particular.
    2. I'm really excited about the opportunity to build an international research organization from scratch.
    3. He was doing amazing things in online education, but this is not AI.
    4. I am a product of both of these cultures.
    5. Andrew Ng and me believe strongly in unsupervised learning.
    6. We want to have machines that can take advantage of all of the data out there, and that requires better unsupervised learning.
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