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    Silicon Valley tech giant Google is vying to become the main growth platform for entrepreneurs in the Middle East. The firm's CIO Douglas Merrill tells Andrew White why the future of technology will be driven by 'search', and why a successful Arabic translation tool could help to bring East and West closer together.
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    1. We don't wear sports jackets here, dude.
    2. At the time we were founded everyone thought that web search was a solved problem, but they were wrong. Larry and Sergey realised that the future lay in making all the world's information universally accessible, and useful.
    3. More and more information is becoming created every day, and humans are not psychologically very well prepared to deal with that - we get information overload very easily.
    4. We needed to solve the web search problem not just in American English, but also in Arabic, in Russian, in Chinese, and in every language on the planet.
    5. The father of AI, Alan Turing, set the challenge: the definition of intelligence was the ability to speak with a human as if the machine were human.
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