1. The Challenges And Benefits Of Robotics In The Next 5 Years

    The Challenges And Benefits Of Robotics In The Next 5 Years

    Robots are already moving out of the research lab, off the factory floor and into our everyday lives. But how will those robots evolve—and how will we see them—in the next five years? Robotics developer Hanns Tappeiner is frustrated by the evil killer robots trope that still dominates much of the discussion about robotics. No big surprise there: He’s the president and cofounder of Anki Drive, whose dinky autonomous racing cars were Amazon’s second best-selling toy of the 2014 holiday season.

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    1. Definitely not in the next five years.
    2. There is absolutely nothing at all in technology which is able to do anything even remotely close.
    3. Tesla's approach to a slow rollout of increasingly capable auto-steering using over-the-air software updates, will push state-of-the-art forward at a pace that allows regulators to keep up, while also continually improving performance.
    4. All they had to do was climb on to the vehicle and make their way back to a pickup point.
    5. We use STANAG 4586 for our aircraft.
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