1. CMU at forefront in building thinking machines

    Jaime Carbonell and Anatole Gershman met at Yale in 1975, as doctoral students in natural language processing. For each, English is a second language. ...
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    1. How (CMU) compares to those other two, I think it has a reputation for getting AI to work in practice.
    2. Just sitting here in my office at Microsoft, looking around, I'm surrounded by young CMU researchers we've hired because they're the best and the brightest in AI.
    3. Yes, (computers) can beat the best chess player, but they can not do all the things that even the stupidest person can do, like finding your way home, or walking down steps or buying spaghetti at the supermarket.
    4. Robot art and computer art is unbearable, robot music is unbearable, because they're created by engineers, by scientists, not by real (artists and) musicians.
    5. Imagine that, some day, somebody figures out the wiring diagram for all the neurons in the brain, and the rules for neurons firing. You can then imagine people building a simulation in a computer of all the individual neurons firing. I'm guessing if you did that you could have something that behaves like the brain behaves.
    6. Almost any speech recognizer people are dealing with -- whether they're calling directory assistance or, for better or for worse, airline reservations lines -- really, it is fair to say, has its modern roots in core research at Carnegie Mellon.
    7. But technology is good and it's bad.
    8. My guess is that there's nothing in principle that makes it impossible for computers to be intelligent. It's just our own stupidity and our inability thus far to figure out how to do it.
    9. I tell you, I myself, one of these days I will have a heart attack if I'm not very careful.
    10. Humans are fantastic. It almost seems like a lost cause to be this smart, even in something so simple.
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