1. 7 Fastest-Growing Industries to Invest in for 2016

    7 Fastest-Growing Industries to Invest in for 2016

    For 2016, “investors should also keep these two things in mind: innovators appear all the time trying to leverage machine translation, but breakthroughs are elusive since at its core, [the translation services and technology industry is] a very human ...

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    1. The legal cannabis industry has been growing at a spectacular rate for the last few years.
    2. I'm an investor in this industry and a business owner, and there has been a meteoric rise for legal marijuana, stylishly discreet
    3. That's another reason these buildings are becoming more popular — because they cost less over the long term.
    4. Everything is moving in the direction of green building.
    5. We are in the middle of a wind rush right now that is set to continue until midnight on the last day of 2016.
    6. There are more corporations, universities and municipalities interested in buying renewable energy today than ever before.
    7. Brands can now go global in one day.
    8. Busier families have led to the rise of food e-commerce.
    9. For 2016, investors should be very bullish on home health care companies that are making investments now in value-based reimbursement and not just planning for the future of value-based reimbursement.
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