1. MATRIX is Building an Internet of Things That Actually Works

    MATRIX is Building an Internet of Things That Actually Works

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is everywhere . Every connected device, be it for home automation , automobiles, or next-gen manufacturing and retail is marketed as "smart." The problem is, up to this point, much of what we've seen from IoT is the foundation; laying the "connected things" infrastructure and imbuing every device in sight with sensors and connectivity. Now the embedded appliances and devices in this ecosystem need to start talking to each other.

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    1. The company was born as a way of connecting the physical world with the online grid. That was four years ago.
    2. We think of MATRIX as creating the IoT app economy in a way that is really controlled by a platform that works for developers, and gives them the freedom to do amazing things.
    3. The approach was to create something that was very simple for developers; something they would be comfortable with.
    4. When talk about the MATRIX software, we're also talking about the [AdMobilize] computer vision algorithms.
    5. When it comes to interactive technologies like Amazon Echo and Siri with voice and wearables blowing up, but whenever you get hardware involved the cost of putting things together and access to resources can mount quickly.
    6. The test for MATRIX is whether the use cases and ROI dwarfs the upfront cost of the hardware plus development of the software. Building hardware is hard.
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