1. Here’s what UK developers need to know about machine learning

    0 Comments Here’s what you need to know about machine learning languages, tools and frameworks. Thanks to its role underpinning many of the recent advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning has become of mainstream interest to many technologists and developers. Here we’ll explain what it is, how you can get started plus the best tools and languages you need to develop machine learning technology. What is machine learning?

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    1. The best way to get started is talk to experts or other competent people, and join a community of others wanting to learn.
    2. Python, without a doubt. Most machine learning and data analytics toolkits are in Python and it has a huge, helpful community.
    3. For the algorithms that are suitable for your problem and data, there are many criteria to consider: reliability, efficiency, scalability, and so on. Keep in mind any given method (e.g. deep learning) is not a hammer for every nail.
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