1. Salesforce Brings Artificial Intelligence to CRM With Einstein

    The near future of artificial intelligence (AI) won't be defined by ushering in a race of sentient machines. While we're inching closer to the goal of AI brain mapping , the next era of AI will be more about imbuing the software and applications we use every day with deep learning, machine learning, predictive analytics, and natural language processing (NLP). Those capabilities will run under the surface, along with serving as tools upon which to build.

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    1. Think of Einstein as the intelligence layer between the data and the actual apps.
    2. Trust is our number one value. Everything we do is trusted. Einstein is no difernent.
    3. The whole reason we built Einstein is there aren't enough data scientists in the world to go out and build predictive models for every company.
    4. You can train your image classifiers to do anything you want.
    5. In order for artificially intelligent systems to work, they need to be trained on massive amounts of data.
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