1. Machine-stitched: How online personal shoppers are beginning to offer in-store style experiences

    FarkIt The business of fashion is all about making choices. Designers dictate (or anticipate, depending your view) trends, and customers are expected to select from the mass of options available to them. But progress in machine learning means that more of those choices can now be made by software, and companies are taking advantage.

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    1. Essentially, digital commerce and digital shopping is great at things like price, shopping and convenience, but what it doesn't have is what you get when you go into a really good retailer, and you talk to a sales associate, and you have a great conversation.
    2. The great thing about a conversation that we're finding is that conversations generate a lot of data.
    3. We only carry about 30 to 40 percent of our product in each one of our stores.
    4. A struggle for a lot of retailers is that there are obviously trends that are being pushed by social media, traditional media and all that stuff.
    5. A big advantage here at Sitch Fix vs. Netflix is a result of our business model.
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