1. IBM Thinks Watson In Cognitive Mode

    IBM Thinks Watson In Cognitive Mode

    Sustainability IBM Thinks Watson In Cognitive Mode The technology platform, Watson, does hold a lot of potential for solving customer problems through its advanced analytics capabilities. But it needs to work in tandem with end-user organisations and may be a long way from commercial success in India ? IBM Thinks Watson In Cognitive Mode IBM Thinks Watson In Cognitive Mode Defence Security: The Next Sunrise Industry?

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    1. In doing so, IBM is pioneering new business opportunities beyond the traditional IT marketplace.
    2. The concerns about security, reliability, and latency etc. no longer exist. We can see month to month improvement on this.
    3. Initially most of the startups prefer cloud as it helps them get off the ground faster as they are unable to anticipate their need for the infrastructure.
    4. Watson is seeing strong traction across verticals such as healthcare, financial services, telecom, consumer, government, and education.
    5. While globally, IBM's Watson can hold some merit, IBM in India needs to do a lot of re-skilling and internal learning before it can do any justice to Watson. The Indian ecosystem – both IBM and customers – is not yet prepared to adopt Watson.
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