1. Microsoft Donates Cloud Credit To Alan Turing Institute

    Microsoft Donates Cloud Credit To Alan Turing Institute

    0 No Comments Researchers at London’s Alan Turing Institute to utilise Azure cloud after Microsoft donation of £3.9 million Microsoft’s cloud push continues with the news that it has donated $5 million (£3.95m) of Azure credits to help researchers with data intensive tasks. The researchers are located at the Alan Turing Institute headquartered at the British Library in London, which is the UK’s national centre for data science .

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    1. More than 100 research staff – ranging from computer scientists and engineers, and experts in machine learning, to statisticians, mathematicians and social scientists – will soon begin work at The Alan Turing Institute with the mission to advance the world-changing potential of data science.
    2. Azure cloud services will provide our data scientists with an easily accessible platform where they can prototype ideas with a fast turnaround of results, complementing local computing facilities available in the Institute's five founding universities, and national resources such as the supercomputer ARCHER supported by EPSRC.
    3. We are proud to be working closely with the Alan Turing Institute to show how AI, machine learning and data science can be applied in novel ways to real-world problems.
    4. Cloud computing is useful in data science research because we often spend a lot of time thinking and coding, and then we have a short window where we want to use a lot of computation power to immediately test our ideas, before we go back to thinking again.
    5. One area of my research is how I can produce vivid and lifelike 3D models from simple camera footage.
    6. This kind of fluctuating need for computation is a great match for the cloud which lets me run these large-scale experiments in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee.
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