1. AI to spur R&D in service robot industry

    AI to spur R&D in service robot industry

    AI to spur R&D in service robot industry 1 2016-10-22 08:44 chinadaily.com.cn Editor: Wang Fan ECNS App Download Some voices in the industry reckoned that thanks to developments in the internet around the world, the R&D growth rate of AI robots will be faster than people's expectations, and we will witness a boom in the industry similar to the rise of the smartphone sector, in a very short period.

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    1. AI is recognized as a new subject and cutting-edge technology, fusing computer science, psychology and even philosophy, to stimulate, learn and expand the intelligence of human beings in solving language and image recognition and natural language processing.
    2. The new tech has been deployed in a variety of industries, including voice identification and physical object recognition.
    3. The more things the hardware is able to do, the greater the demand for AI will be.
    4. Chinese enterprises who specialized in voice recognition, semantics understanding and image identification have performed very well in recent years. Some of the leading companies in the country have also ascended to top positions worldwide.
    5. Medical assistant robots, elder-care robots and education assistant robots will be some of the core segment markets in the future.
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