1. Bots and banks: The next step in digital engagement is here — if you’re ready (VB Live)

    Bots and banks: The next step in digital engagement is here — if you’re ready (VB Live)

    Tags: bots , chatbots , Envestnet | Yodlee , financial services apps , financial services technology , Fintech , fintech chatbots , Forrester Research Image Credit: Shutterstock How do you stay competitive in an increasingly bot-engaged market, with a relatively young technology, in a complex industry where a single error could be devastating? Join this VB Live event to find out how financial companies can minimize risk, maximize customer satisfaction and transform their brand.

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    1. A lot of these bot technologies have already become table stakes—so one of the fears that financial institutions have is that there's this window of opportunity, and there's been a gap in the services they're providing.
    2. And the risk for banks is that fintech disruptors are going to come and take that space.
    3. The big challenge and the secret sauce is going to be combining data intelligence with the conversational technology in the larger context of the customer experience and journey.
    4. Banks have to be careful to make sure that they are either looking at this technology themselves or they're partnering with the right solution providers.
    5. It becomes very important to have the right level of data analytics on the back end to be able to recognize a question, and then provide the appropriate response.
    6. A customer may have a credit card and a mortgage and a line of credit and checking relationship; they view themselves as a full entity.
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