1. Siri Architect Grapples With How to Make AI Less Artificial

    Over 1,500 attendees were in San Francisco at A.I. World recently to hear experts talk about the future of the artificial intelligence industry. One of the highlights was a panel featuring William Mark , PhD, President of SRI's Information and Computing Sciences Division and one of the brains behind Apple's Siri. "We need to make artificial intelligence less artificial," said Dr. Mark, who stressed that A.I. is a lot more than "deep learning" and machine intelligence.

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    1. We need to make artificial intelligence less artificial.
    2. We do a lot of work in conversational A.I..
    3. Being able to trust these A.I. systems is going to be a major factor, which is what I meant by making A.I. less artificial.
    4. One of the things we're working on is the problem of the aging population.
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