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    Updated 1:17 p.m. to correct that Google ranked first in the machine-translation accuracy evaluation. Updated 10:50 a.m. PDT with Google's no-comment. Google looks set to launch a beta test of a document translation service, a new move in the company ...
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    1. Google Translation Center is the fast and easy way to get translations for your content. Simply upload your document, choose your translation language, and choose from our registry of professional and volunteer translators. If a translator accepts, you should receive your translated content back as soon as it's ready.
    2. We're always looking at new ways of providing tools for users to connect with each other, share information, and improve access to information on the internet, but we don't have any new details to share at this time.
    3. I thought it would it have been around 40 percent withheld. I thought it would be more than last year.
    4. To understand how a SearchMonkey app affects user metrics, we generally expose a small percentage of our users to a default-on experience and measure if and how it changes their usage. We started with Yelp, LinkedIn, and Yahoo Local because they were among our first partners to share structured data.
    5. Today, we're rolling out a new feature in Google Web Search that will help you better understand how your search results are already customized.
    6. We keep the most recent query on your browser for a limited time. After that, the information is removed from your browser and disappears immediately if you close your browser.
    7. One important note about Web History: it belongs to you and you have complete control over it.
    8. I am writing to urge you to direct your office to take quick and decisive action by launching a formal investigation into the proposed business transaction between Google and Yahoo's search-advertising business.
    9. The impact of such potential market concentration--in both Internet search and search advertising--left in the hands of one company, at the very least, warrants rigorous scrutiny. We must ensure that the proper consumer safeguards and transparency are put in place to protect privacy.
    10. Both companies have taken important steps in this agreement to ensure that user privacy is protected.
    11. The Internet-advertising model does not work without the trust of our users--most of what we do is offered to consumers for free, and users can leave at any time. We can only succeed if our users trust us and our privacy policies.
    12. Google takes privacy very seriously and has structured the agreement to provide ads through Google's AdSense program in a way that ensures that personally identifiable information of individual Internet users will not be shared, combined, or merged by the companies. We have designed it so that both companies have stayed within existing privacy and data policies, such as Google's policy regarding logs anonymization after 18 months.
    13. Juniper has been searching for a CEO for some time now...it just happened to overlap with what was going on at Yahoo. Yahoo was not a trigger for Kevin's departure and his candidacy wasn't linked to what would or would not go on at Yahoo.
    14. I think that Yahoo management was pathetic.
    15. As it processes the information, it's building an associative network of people and places and events.
    16. It's an evolution of smarter and smarter PDAs.
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