1. IBM Delivers New All-flash Storage for Cognitive Workloads

    IBM Delivers New All-flash Storage for Cognitive Workloads

    • cairo - Cairo - Egypt CAIRO, Egypt ARMONK, N.Y. - IBM (NYSE: IBM (http://www.ibm.com/investor)) today announced new, all-flash storage solutions designed for midrange and large enterprises, where high availability, continuous up-time, and performance are critical. Built to provide the speed and reliability needed for workloads ranging from enterprise resource planning (ERP) and financial transactions to cognitive applications like machine learning and natural language processing.

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    1. This announcement is targeted at users that have experienced poor storage performance due to latency, low server utilization, high energy consumption, low system availability and high operating costs. We believe these same users have been listening, learning and now understand the data value proposition of being a cognitive business.
    2. As long-time users of IBM storage infrastructure and mainframes, our upgrade to the IBM DS8000 with IBM business partner Comparex was an easy choice. Since then, its high performance and reliability have led us to continually deploy newer DS8000 models as new features and functions have provided us new opportunities.
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