1. Welocalize Launches Dedicated Life Sciences Division

    Welocalize Launches Dedicated Life Sciences Division

    Welocalize Life Sciences specializes in language services for clinical research, biotechnology, healthcare, medical devices, pharmaceutical companies and animal health. Frederick, MD - January 31, Welocalize , global leader in innovative translation and localization solutions, announces the formation of Welocalize Life Sciences , a division that brings together the recent Welocalize acquisitions of Global Language Solutions (GLS) and Nova Language Services (Nova).

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    1. Translation and localization play a vital role in clinical trials, patient recruitment and regulatory affairs material and documentation.
    2. Welocalize is focused on helping our clients with inclusive and wide-ranging language solutions across their entire life sciences global journey, from product creation and patent translation to patient recruitment and testing, as well as localization for market launch, sales and marketing.
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