1. Flipboard's Quest To Save Online Publishing—And Itself | Fast Company

    Flipboard's Quest To Save Online Publishing—And Itself | Fast Company

    The iPad was a futuristic gadget when it debuted in April 2010, but the apps it presented offered a rather nostalgic revival of traditional media. Photos, graphics, magazines, and books optimized for its high-res screen featured a print-era visual polish that had been sorely missing from ad-crammed web pages and monochrome ebook readers. One of the early hits was Flipboard , a graphical embodiment of social media that launched in July 2010.

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    1. It seemed to be a perfectly timed creature of the iPad age, of the tablet age.
    2. It's kinda like the beautiful little toe of the internet.
    3. We've had a very ambitious goal around reforming advertising.
    4. What if the web was accidentally deleted and we needed to build a new web, knowing everything we know today, that the world is moving to mobile, that it's moving to social, that people now are nodes on this web, just like websites?
    5. The content [on the web] wasn't structured.
    6. A magazine is a timeless concept—a collection of ideas packaged together, for a passionate audience.
    7. People who get into curation really get into it. They'll have 20, 30, 40 magazines.
    8. What 4.0 tries to do is…make it a lot more accessible to our users so they don't have to know, wait, am I following a magazine? Or a topic? Or a person?
    9. If you clicked on it, then it took you to this awesome experience—which took forever [for advertisers] to build.
    10. It's gonna take time, it's gonna take years.
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