1. As chatbots take hold, banks have their pick of styles

    As chatbots take hold, banks have their pick of styles 4:28pm There's been a lot of chatter in banking circles lately about chatbots. Of course, as with most things in nascent technology, that chatter is a bit divided on whether chatbots are ready for primetime. Barclays , Societe Generale, USAA , BBVA, and Capital One have begun actively experimenting with them. Bank of America has said it will roll out a chatbot named "erica" this year.

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    1. You can ask Kai questions about CDs, IRAs, credit scores — it's the smartest banker you can imagine from a customer onboarding point of view: how do I open an account, what document do I need?
    2. If you send me a notification that says my balance is low, that does not drive engagement.
    3. You spent $200 in taxis this month, would you like to see your transactions?
    4. If this month you spent more on dining out than you usually do, we may point it out.
    5. That's how we made our natural language understanding pipeline robust.
    6. In 2014, we decided we needed to make more money and oriented that toward financial services.
    7. What have I spent on coffee in the last month?
    8. We've invested $20 million in being able to do things like that.
    9. If what is said is incomplete, it will elicit the missing information.
    10. I wanted to use the recent advances in natural language processing and the opening of messaging platforms to help people learn the basics of personal finance.
    11. People are more inclined to chat with a banking assistant that comes from an institution they already trust.
    12. As a credit union they do a lot of coaching and counseling sessions, so they were also interested in offering this as a tool to people to build their financial skills.
    13. Any more complicated thing we route towards a human to handle.
    14. We're still early in the chatbot days, but I think there's a lot of potential there for a bank to slowly coach someone into being a really engaged customer.
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