1. Dynamically delivering, displaying document content as encapsulated within plurality of capsule overviews with topic stamp

    A method and system for the dynamic presentation of the contents of a plurality of documents on a display is disclosed. The method and system comprises receiving a plurality of documents and providing a plurality of topically rich capsule overviews corresponding to the plurality of documents. Each capsule overview is a representation of the core content of the corresponding document. The method and system also includes displaying each of the plurality of capsule overviews and dynamically delivering document content encapsulated in the plurality of capsule overviews.
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    1. Imagine looking at a small area on a computer screen. Words appear and disappear on the screen one by one. As they appear, meaning is expressed as forms changedynamically over time. The combined effect of the message, form and rhythm express a tone of voice, emotion or personality as if you hear a person speak. Although the two mediums, spoken and written words, are vastly different, the analogy may give youa sense of the expressive potential of temporal typography.
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