1. China’s Artificial-Intelligence Boom

    China’s Artificial-Intelligence Boom

    China’s Artificial-Intelligence Boom The Atlantic 1 hr ago Sarah Zhang © Aly Song / Reuters Each winter, hundreds of AI researchers from around the world convene at the annual meeting of the Association of the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence. Last year, a minor crisis erupted over the schedule, when AAAI announced that 2017’s meeting would take place in New Orleans in late January. The location was fine. The dates happened to conflict with Chinese New Year.

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    1. This is pretty surprising and impressive given how different it was even three, four years back.
    2. I have a hard time thinking of an industry we cannot transform with AI.
    3. The number of people who got interested in applied machine learning has tremendously increased across China.
    4. With AI, they can't do it without a lot of data and a platform to test it on.
    5. The very clever ideas on changing network architecture, I see those in the U.S..
    6. China has a fairly deep awareness of what's happening in the English-speaking world, but the opposite is not true.
    7. The velocity of work is much faster in China than in most of Silicon Valley.
    8. Product managers at Tencent have good sense of what customers want, and they can can quickly turn technology into reality.
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