1. Tech start-ups cram into Singapore’s education sector

    Tech start-ups cram into Singapore’s education sector

    SINGAPORE: There is a new breed of technology entrepreneurs looking to cater to the country’s emphasis on education. By building automated homework assistance tools, online marketplaces to find and book tutors, as well as using data analytics to take a crack at overseas college applications, these education technology (edtech) start-ups hope to disrupt a lucrative market that continues to grow rapidly.

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    1. When we started four years ago, people were like 'Edtech … what's that?
    2. Disruption in education is already happening.
    3. I was teaching tuition previously and I realised that students always ask questions or make the same mistakes for certain topics or type of questions. You realise that you end up explaining the same thing to different people.
    4. In terms of investing in technology and education, China is much more willing to spend than India but China requires a lot of localisation. For example, you can't have a website in China without Chinese but in India, English works fine especially in tier-one cities.
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