1. Improving Text Summarization Using Noun Retrieval Techniques

    Text Summarization and categorization have always been two of the most demanding information retrieval tasks. Deploying a generalized, multi-functional mechanism that produces good results for both of the aforementioned tasks seems to be a panacea for most of the text-based, information retrieval needs. In this paper, we present the keyword extraction techniques, exploring the effects that part of speech tagging has on the summarization procedure of an existing system. Content Type Book ChapterDOI 10.1007/978-3-540-85565-1_73Authors Christos Bouras, University of Patras Research Academic Computer Technology Institute, N. Kazantzaki, Panepistimioupoli and Computer Engineering and Informatics Department GreeceVassilis Tsogkas, University of Patras ...
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