1. How hedge funds can trade on heaven-sent data

    How hedge funds can trade on heaven-sent data

    Fintech How hedge funds can trade on heaven-sent data Day 1: IBT Media's data science and finance event looked at alternative data sets and natural language processing. By Ian Allison March 1, 2017 21:19 GMT Delegates at Newsweek and International Business Times' data science in capital markets event were mesmerised by a video of shoe box-sized satellites, known as "cube sats" being released into the earth's atmosphere.

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    1. Imagine being able to count ships at port.
    2. You can just go out into the wilderness and find data. It's a gold rush. Anything you want to know about the macro economy can be known today if you are connected to the right database.
    3. I just don't have 12 nights out of my life to teach a class.
    4. One discretionary trader came to me with 20,000 unread emails. He was worried that when he was about to trade something, there could be information in his inbox which would give him a contrarian view.
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