1. Google makes AI talent play with Kaggle buy | Cio

    Google makes AI talent play with Kaggle buy | Cio

    Feature Google makes AI talent play with Kaggle buy In acquiring the crowdsourcing platform for predictive modeling and machine learning competitions, Google gains access to 600,000 data scientists in a notoriously talent-strapped market. The company says the deal will help it democratize AI. Email a friend Use commas to separate multiple email addresses From Your message has been sent.

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    1. The real challenge is deploying AI in everyday human affairs in a way that allows us to augment our intelligence and manage our planet intelligently.
    2. Google's acquisition of Kaggle essentially enables that innovation to be exponential because instead of saying there is one set of people at Microsoft or Facebook that can do this, Google can say that we are going to crowdsource this and create a set of emerging technology innovation.
    3. Google is positioned to potentially repeat what they did [for search and AdWords] in the AI space because it is a big area for them, but they have competition.
    4. They need to find the commercialization a-ha of how they're going to turn AI into something profitable just like they [turned] search into profitability.
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