1. All the ways AI will slash Wall Street jobs

    All the ways AI will slash Wall Street jobs By March 16 2017, 3:23pm EDT More in Anyone who’s visited the New York Stock Exchange lately knows technology has already taken a toll on Wall Street jobs. And the decimation is only going to continue as the artificial intelligence industry booms. By 2025, AI technologies will reduce employees in the capital markets worldwide by 230,000 people, according to a report from Opimas that came out last week.

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    1. AI is going to touch every aspect of jobs in the capital markets.
    2. Natural language processing is helping to gain a greater understanding of conversations people are having, the intent of conversations in the front office.
    3. Compliance went on a huge hiring spree over the past several years in response to global regulatory mandates and regional enforcement actions.
    4. It's collecting data about the traders within your organization to create a profile of them, and if the trader breaks the profile of typical activity, that's identified and flagged for greater analysis.
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