1. Baidu goes all out on AI

    Baidu goes all out on AI

    By Bloomberg / Bloomberg 44 (March 17): On Dec 6, 2016, thousands of translators filed into office buildings across mainland China to pore over brochures, letters, and technical manuals, all in foreign languages, painstakingly rendering their texts in Chinese characters. This marathon carried on for 15 hours a day for an entire month. Clients that supplied the material received professional-grade Chinese versions of the originals at a bargain price.

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    1. The era of mobile internet has ended.
    2. A ton of stuff is invented in China, and a ton of stuff is invented in the US.
    3. It's a mistake to think of AI as a product — it underpins and enables product.
    4. In the next three to five years all those areas have the potential to become another Baidu.
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