1. Tiny Startup Outperforms Tech’s Titans at Language Translation

    Tiny Startup Outperforms Tech’s Titans at Language Translation

    Lilt, a Palo Alto-based startup, outperformed titans of the technology industry in a rigorous test of language translation tools. The company’s interactive translation system–the first such commercial system–outperformed the most heavily used systems from Google, Microsoft, and Systran, and SDL by a large margin. This outcome shows that systems incorporating human feedback beat systems that don’t, and are on par with the latest, expensive artificial intelligence from Google.

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    1. Artificial Intelligence will change every industry and every line of business. However, human experts are still needed to guarantee commercial accuracy and quality. Our interactive system makes those experts more productive, and learns from their feedback, which is an overlooked source of valuable data.
    2. We want to drastically increase levels of translation productivity by uniting artificial intelligence and translators together, in order to bring our customers into new markets.
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