1. Can Samsung's Bixby Smash Alexa?

    SEOUL—In the battle of the virtual assistants, Amazon has friends and Google has search. Samsung has your TV and washing machine. Samsung's Bixby AI system, coming on the Galaxy S8 phone which launches on March 29, starts out as voice commands for your phone. But its end goal is to tie together all of your home electronics—Samsung or not—with natural-language voice interfaces.

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    1. Bixby was the No. 1 choice among the millennials.
    2. Right now our focus is on device interface and application controls.
    3. It starts off with smartphones, but anywhere that has an internet connection and a microphone, Bixby can be used. It can be in any devices we produce: appliances, TVs, refrigerators, washing machines.
    4. How can you make sure [the user] has control of the data? That's why the button is so important. We're not going to listen to the user unless the user does something with the hardware button.
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