1. The Dark Secret at the Heart of AI

    The Dark Secret at the Heart of AI

    L ast year, a strange self-driving car was released onto the quiet roads of Monmouth County, New Jersey. The experimental vehicle, developed by researchers at the chip maker Nvidia, didn’t look different from other autonomous cars, but it was unlike anything demonstrated by Google, Tesla, or General Motors, and it showed the rising power of artificial intelligence. The car didn’t follow a single instruction provided by an engineer or programmer.

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    1. It is a problem that is already relevant, and it's going to be much more relevant in the future.
    2. If you had a very small neural network, you might be able to understand it.
    3. You really need to have a loop where the machine and the human collaborate.
    4. It's often the nature of these machine-learning systems that they produce a lot of false alarms, so an intel analyst really needs extra help to understand why a recommendation was made.
    5. We haven't achieved the whole dream, which is where AI has a conversation with you, and it is able to explain.
    6. Even if somebody can give you a reasonable-sounding explanation [for his or her actions], it probably is incomplete, and the same could very well be true for AI.
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