1. Imagining a World without Language Barriers

    Imagining a World without Language Barriers

    Venture capital tailor-made to build expansion stage software companies into market leaders. May 3 Imagining a World without Language Barriers A Conversation on the Future of AI with Unbabel’s Vasco Pedro by Brandon Deer Brandon is a Vice President at OpenView. Vasco Pedro has always been fascinated with language and the window it provides to how we process information.

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    1. Solving translation was the original reason AI was invented.
    2. We decided to combine the speed and ease of machine translation with the quality of human translation.
    3. There's a huge challenge when you scale your international customer support.
    4. The final AI element is what we call Smartcheck, which is a human augmentation element.
    5. A typical human translator can process approximately 300 to 400 words per hour without Unbabel.
    6. We're still in a fairly primitive AI state.
    7. We're far away from that. People associate AI with HAL from Space Odyssey: 2001, but it's still something much less advanced.
    8. AI is a word that captivates the imagination.
    9. We're seeing real impact in customer service.
    10. It seems that as soon as AI is successful, it stops being AI and becomes just technology.
    11. When you look at startups, the challenge is that there are a lot of people with a great idea and the skill set to do it, but they end up using their initial resources to build infrastructure and all the other things needed to launch a startup.
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